Thursday, November 09, 2006

Racing This Weekend

We're coming to the end of the fall season, but there are still a few more races to go.

At the Head of the South in Augusta, Georgia Tech, Alabama, and Virginia Tech face off, while in the light four Berry, Georgia State, Jacksonville, Georgia (2 boats), Alabama, and Virginia Tech race. Virginia Tech has beaten Alabama at the Head of the Hooch in eights, while Georgia beat Georgia State by a mere 3 seconds at the Hooch. Should be good racing.

The Frostbite Regatta in Philadelphia has lightweight four and eight events with Scranton, Penn State, Lehigh, Fairfield and Lafayette meeting in fours and Philadelphia U. and Penn State racing in eights. When Lafayette raced Lehigh at the Navy Day Regatta, if the posted results are to be believed, the two fours rowed the same time. This should be a great rematch. Philadelphia is in the early days of its program so we'll probably see Penn State take the eights.

On the West Coast the Newport Autumn Rowing Festival doesn't have entries listed, but Stanford and Cal both raced last year. The Head of the Lagoon doesn't have entries listed either, but last year UCSD and NorCal raced light fours.

In a traditional race (although a recent tradition, I think), Dayton welcomes Ohio State to a dual race on Saturday.

On Sunday the freshman have at it at the Belly of the Carnegie. Georgetown Princeton, and Radcliffe will be there, praying for better weather than that for the Chase.


Anonymous said...

The Foot of the Charles is next Sat the 18th.

JW Burk said...

I think the Tail of the Charles is next Saturday the 18th. Am I wrong about that?

Anonymous said...

The Foot of the Charles is definitely the 18th

Anonymous said...

The Tail of the Charles is for men, and the Foot of the Charles is for women. Both races are from the MIT boathouse to the Harvard boathouse, and both are on the 18th this year.

As for lightweight women, MIT and Radcliffe will be racing. URI is as well, but who knows if they're bringing lightweights.

JW Burk said...

OK, thanks. Some of the schedules I've been looking at are off. I've removed the reference.