Friday, November 03, 2006

Racing This Weekend - Head of the Hooch

There are other races this weekend but the biggest is the Head of the Hooch. The light eight has five entries including Alabama, Virginia Tech, Miami U., and UCF (Atlanta Rowing Club will also compete). This is effectively the fall debut of UCF as they race against other lightweight crews for the first time. They should dominate here although Atlanta can't be overlooked. The light four is loaded with 19 entries including, among others, Jacksonville University, Virginia Tech Crew, UGA Rowing Club, Alabama, UTC, Georgia State, Miami University, and Georgia Tech. The Hooch continues to be a premiere fall regatta for lightweight crews.


Anonymous said...

usc added lightweight men's crew. women next?

Michael said...
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Michael said...

Honestly, the chances of the USC club men's team adding women's LW crew is much higher than the Varsity women's program. The men's club team is funded well enough to do so, and I wouldn't rule it out.