Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ohio State Update

The Ohio State coach wrote to say that OSU WILL be competing at Dad Vail this spring, followed by a quick trip to ECACs to defend their title the next day. I also didn't mention OSU's race against Ithaca the weekend after the Purdue race, mainly because Ithaca hasn't been putting out lightweight boats. OSU hopes they'll have an eight this year. Ohio state's lightweights will be racing against heavyweights as the 2V most of their races.

By the way, the conflicting dates of Dad Vail and ECACs brings the ECACs back to their roots as Dad Vail spoilers. I wrote about this once before and wasn't contradicted, but if my memory serves me correct, ECACs were started by some of the men's crews who got tired of Temple winning every Dad Vail. They thought it was about time for Temple to move up to IRAs so in protest they started their own regatta. The only school I recall as one of the ringleaders is Georgetown.

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