Sunday, February 19, 2006

2006 Season Preview - Ohio State University

If they're lucky, Ohio State opens their season with a dual race against Purdue on March 26th. As usual with these schedules, it's not clear if the lightweights are racing against Purdue, but there is some hope that they will because Purdue does field lightweight boats, although they didn't do so last year. They've recently won Dad Vails though, so they should have some motivation to get back in the mix.

The next race with lightweight potential is probably the Ohio Cup, which is scheduled to include a lightweight four event. Since this is OSU's race, it doesn't seem to be a particularly good sign that there isn't an 8 on the schedule and I wonder if OSU is thinking of just racing a 4 this year. They couldn't have been too happy with their race against Dayton in the fall, although you never know the circumstances leading up to that race. Plus, a good winter can do wonders for a crew.

Next is the Indianapolis Invitational Regatta, which usually consists of largely Big 10 schools - a gathering of heavyweights. Then comes MACRAs which may have lightweight events, perhaps at minimum a lightweight four. Wisconsin has raced there in the past, although mostly in heavyweight events, so there may be some (in the case of Wisco, top) lightweight competition. ECACs follow and OSU has a title to defend. OSU should run into URI here, and that would be a good test for both schools, making this regatta one to watch. The Buckeyes then finish the season with IRAs. Dad Vail is not listed on the schedule, which I find quite disheartening. At this point, two of last year's five competitors at Dad Vail aren't racing this year. Usually someone else steps into the gap, but it looks like this year's race will be up for grabs. [Update: OSU WILL be at Dad Vail this year.]

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