Sunday, February 05, 2006

CRCA Update

Stephen Kish wrote me to say that in fact, Cecil Tucker, Radcliffe's lightweight coach, took over the chairmanship of the CRCA lightweight committee the day after he left office. The notes and minutes on the web site made it seem as though there might have been some difficulty in filling the spot - apparently that's not the case.

I think that Cecile Tucker's chairmanship is especially good news. While Kish's crew, Bucknell, does (and intends to continue doing) some serious lightweight rowing, he is head women's coach and also has to concern himself with heavyweights. Tucker will not have these dual loyalties. In addition, Radcliffe's role in the development of women's collegiate lightweight rowing was seminal and I think the school has a real interest in seeing it grow.

The CRCA, though, seems to be the Trilateral Commission of collegiate rowing - just what are those guys up to? And in particular, what does the lightweight committee do?


Anonymous said...

The CRCA lightweight committee has been trying to re-evaluate weigh ins. They are advocating that to row LW you have to be under 130 then pee in a cup which will then get tested to make sure you are hydrated.

The CRCA attitude for good or bad is that "You obviously aren't smart enough to know how to make weight safely, so we have to resort to scaring you out of dehydrating yourself before your race."

Is it going to save anyone from doing something stupid to themselves? Hopefully, but who knows.

Is it going to be scary showing up to IRA's (assuming the CRCA recommendation is taken) and never had this test before? Definitely...bring a couple spares!!!

I think it is up to the coach to make sure the women are losing weight safely. Most schools ranked in the L8 have their strength and conditioning staff weigh the girls often away from the coach to make sure weight is lost safely.

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