Saturday, November 19, 2005

More Results

Some results I missed:

At last weekend's FIRA Fall Classic UCF's lightweights won the heavyweight B race with a time that was third fastest overall (out of 10 boats).

At the Head of the South last week NC State won the lightweight 4+ over Atlanta and Jacksonville. NC State won by just one tenth of a second over what I assume was the same Atlanta boat that won the Hooch. A tenth of a second out of twenty minutes? That's as close to a tie as you'll see.


cassi said...

Actually, the Atlanta boat had a different rower in 2 seat. (Me.) I was originally seated there at the beginning of the season, but unfortunately broke 2 ribs by coughing (long story) before the Charles and had to find a sub. The rest of the boat welcomed me back for the last race of the season so I could at least race once when my ribs healed! So... no, it wasn't the same line-up! (In Atlanta's defense!!)

JW Burk said...

Admirable to 'fess up like that, although I'm sure your teammates wouldn't suggest that they would have been a tenth of a second faster with you switched out! Anyway, there's nothing like laying on your back with broken ribs, is there? Makes you wish for an erg piece.

cassi said...

yeah, not really a "fess up" - more of just a clarification of a different line up. oh, and i never wish for an erg piece! NEVER!