Sunday, November 27, 2005

2005 LWV8 Spring Rankings

As a prelude to fall rankings, it's worthwhile to look at how things ended up last season. This is fairly straightforward but there is some judgment required:

1 Wisconsin
2 Princeton
3 Radcliffe
4 Georgetown
5 Stanford
6 Dayton
7 Ohio State
10 Lehigh

This is slightly muddled because UCF put a big scare into Stanford in their IRA heat, but Stanford came through in the final to beat Ohio State (which beat UCF at Vails) by 15 seconds, keeping Stanford at 5. There is generally a bias that if you want to break into the top ranks, you need to compete at IRAs. Ohio State made the grand final at IRAs but I kept Dayton ahead because they did beat the Buckeyes head-to-head in a championship race. UCF found itself in a tough heat at IRAs and may very well have finished higher if it were in the other heat, but we can't speculate about that here.


Anonymous said...

1 Wisco
2 Radcliffe
3 Princeton
4 Georgetown
5 Stanford
6 Dayton
7 Rhode Island
10 Wisco B boat

Here's my list for the L8. Obviously it defeats the purpose, but it would be fun if they let the Canadian boats into the IRA. They probably have more affinity to America than some of the boats at NCAA's!

Anonymous said...

Oops, I thought this was a 2006 Spring list, not a recap of last year. My bad, ignore my post above!

JW Burk said...

I thought that might be the case. Hold that thought, though, because I'll definitely get to that closer to the spring and it looks like we may have some differences.