Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Erg Season is Here

Fall racing is over and erg season is here. That means that there won't be a lot of race results to report or a lot of news to be had. Posting may be a bit slower here, but rest assured that I'll be constantly on the lookout for good scoop and post it when I find it. I'll also use the winter months to explore some simmering issues and perhaps generate some (civil) discussion. If you have any suggestions for topics to explore, please let me know. This site is about encouraging the spread of women's collegiate lightweight rowing and I'm always open to suggestions on how to do that!

One thing I think I'll do over Thanksgiving break is post head season rankings. Why wait for the coaches in the spring when I can do my own? "Dog's Best in Show" sounds about right. I'm sure it will be highly scientific with a methodology that will no doubt be too complicated to explain to mere rowers.


Anonymous said...

Sounds cool, Dog's Best in Show is a pretty weak name, but I look forward to your predictions. Maybe you want to put out L4 rankings as well since its the most competitive race at Dad Vails...

Well, outside of the V8 and L8 :)

sydskid1 said...

awesome, someone else who agrees that the lightweight 4 is important :D

about erg season... it's rather depressing to the lightweights on my team. while we can beat or at least stay with our open 4 on the water, on the ergs we get slaughtered. perhaps some discussion on that?

JW Burk said...

It's a good idea to take a look at the light fours. I haven't thought about before mainly because there seem to be a lot of boats that only race occasionally and it would take some time to separate the wheat from the chaff. Then again, that's what we have over the winter, isn't it!

Good suggestion about erg "speed" versus boat speed. This is also one of my pet peeves, so I have some thoughts about that. That should be an opportunity to hear what you think too.