Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Head of the Potomac

The Head of the Potomac is coming up this Saturday and it looks like both Georgetown and Princeton will be in action.

I'm really guessing about Georgetown because they have two eights and three fours entered, all as simply "Georgetown." Given that this is a home race for the Hoyas I would assume that the lightweights will be there, probably with at least an eight and a four. Princeton, meanwhile, has two eights entered as "Princeton Women's Lightweight Crew," so the lights are definitely there. Often these early regattas are raced by even boats but since Princeton has one boat in the Open event and one in the Club event it's unlikely they are even. With only two Georgetown boats in the Open race, they are probably one heavy and one light eight, so it looks like Georgetown isn't racing even boats either. Granted, coaches are just beginning to sort out their crews, but no one wants to get blown out. This means we should have a fun early season match-up between the two schools.

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