Wednesday, September 20, 2006

At Georgetown, Success Breeds...

a novice lightweight coach! Sarah Trowbridge is joining the Hoyas as the novice lightweight coach. It sounds like Coach Trowbridge had an excellent career at the University of Michigan and is currently training with Potomac Boat Club with a goal of making the national team. If you remember the Football Theorem (average size of female rowers is proportional to prominence of football team), you'll understand why the new coach may have a bit of an adjustment. No doubt the deal was sealed when Trowbridge's alma mater trounced Notre Dame in football last weekend.

Seriously though, this hiring shows that Georgetown is very serious about women's lightweight rowing. A novice coach will mean more novices which will mean more varsity rowers, which will mean even faster boats. Quite honestly, a few years ago I thought that Georgetown could decide to drop lightweights any given season. That time is now long past. Not only are the Hoyas here to stay, but they're not going to rest on last season's laurels. This year, they're looking for gold.

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