Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Erg Score Tracking Service

I recently received an email from the developer of a new erg score tracking service called Ergscores.com. I haven't actually used this service and features are still being added, but it's free and has a team component that should make it useful to coaches. Of particular interest to lightweights is a built in weight adjustment feature. If your team is all lightweights this doesn't matter too much, but if you're being compared to heavyweights it does. It's not a "pity adjustment" made to take into account some vague notion of efficiency. Rather, it uses the Concept II formula (more choices are coming) which attempts to adjust for a lightweight rower pulling less body weight down the course while still pulling the same boat and coxswain weight. It purports to show you how fast a boat of your clones would go compared to a boat of your teammate's clones. It also has a feature which allows high school rowers to release scores to college coaches. Seems like it's worth a try (unless, like me, you do your best never to record an erg score so it can't be used against you later).

You can read more about the site and an interview with the developer on The Daily Erg.

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Jeff Wagner said...

Thanks for the review. We've got a ton of updates coming in the next few weeks. College rowers and teams are really going to like what's coming on board. Like JW said, we're adding useful stuff every day.