Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dodd to Lead Buckeyes

The Ohio State Lightweights also have a new head coach after Peter Steenstra moved on to coach at Cornell. Hugh Dodd, takes over a lightweight women's program that has worked its way onto the national scene and has won the ECAC title. There is a lot of upside for Coach Dodd to exploit. Dodd, formerly the men's freshmen coach, will be head coach for both the men and lightweight women.

Interestingly enough, Coach Dodd rowed at the University of Washington, the same alma mater as Wisconsin's new coach, Erik Miller. [Update: I originally thought that the two coaches were teammates but as a result of some paperwork requirements and other red tape Coach Dodd's official graduation date is out of kilter with his actual rowing dates. They missed being teammates by three years or so.]

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Clete Graham said...

JW Burk,

Nice to see you've resumed posting. I'm looking forward to another year of your excellent coverage of lightweight collegiate womens rowing.

Clete Graham