Saturday, October 01, 2005

Wisconsin Builds On Lightweight's Success

The reigning national champion Wisconsin lightweights are setting the standard for excellence in the new Porter boathouse. The heavyweight women, who have their own tradition of strong, fast crews, are looking at the lightweights as an example of where they want to be. Head Coach Bebe Bryans said, "The open weights are hoping to join the lightweights who have set the standard for what can come out of this boathouse." The Wisco lightweights are ten years old this year and it's great to see them get some recognition within their own boathouse. With or without graduating rowers, Wisconsin will undoubtedly be fast again this year. The interesting thing about this team is that they always come on strong at the end. Probably this is because of their late start on the water, but early races are only a taste of where they'll be later in the season.

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