Sunday, October 09, 2005

More Lightweights in Action

The Textile River Regatta ran a lightweight eights event which saw MIT, CRI, and UMass compete. MIT has a history of lightweight rowing, but I don't remember UMass boating lightweights recently. I wonder if this is a boat of convenience or if they are starting a lightweight team. Meanwhile, at the Head of the Housatonic, Holy Cross raced a lightweight four. There was talk about Holy Cross developing a lightweight program a year or two ago, but it seemed to die after the departure of one of their coaches. Maybe they're back. They also had a lightweight 8 entered in the Textile, but scratched. Maybe we'll see it come together in later races. Unfortunately there was only one lightweight four entry at the Housatonic, just as there was only one lightweight 8 entry in Tulsa's race at the Head of the Oklahoma (although there was a scratch).

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